What we do?

At eQ Technologies, we provide a wide range of holistic automated solutions and integrated systems. We offer unique customisation and a combination of innovative cloud-based and on-premise technologies within your home, or commercial property.

eQ Technologies

Where we bring you “Electronic Intelligence for your Digital World”.

At eQ Technologies, we specialise in building capabilities and deliver services for home automation, security, data, networking, WiFi, audio visual, digital TV and satellite, and lighting systems.

Our purpose and foundation is built on the voice of our customer. We aim to deliver solutions that meet your needs, and we believe that this starts with your vision. We do this by understanding your preferences and expectations and we achieve satisfaction by delivering quality service and products that generates value for you.

We offer a simple process so that we can formulate and deliver a tailor-made solution for you.


Imagine No More!

We have packages for any budget. Talk with us so we can help your vision become a reality!

Automation & Entertainment

Control home automation and entertainment services within the palm of your hand

Sensor Features

Use sensor features to notify you when motion is detected in and around your home



Access your smart home features and security from anywhere, anytime....

Smart Home

Access smart home features from your devices


Home Automation Zoning

Zoning for Music, Security, Lighting and Video....

Ease & Enjoyment

Simple, functional, enjoyable and easy to use solutions



Flexible solutions which can be added to and adjusted to suit your needs


Presence features can be automated to trigger events and a set of sequences for when you are home and when you are not

  • Carla T.
    In building a new home, my partner and I agreed that we needed expert advice from the start - we wanted to automate everything so we called the EQ Technologies team and from the consulting phase to the installation and implementation phase we have never been happier.  Home automation is amazing.
    Carla T.
  • Jennifer M.
    The house we bought had a theatre room but unfortunately the last owners made a mess of it's setup.  We had no idea so had the team at EQ Technologies take a look.  Within half a day it was up and running like we had never seen it operate before, amazing.
    Jennifer M.
  • Regan P.
    We had the security cameras installed by John from EQ Technologies and they not only produce a clearer image for security but allow us to be able to monitor production from a central location - best investment.  Thank you.
    Regan P.
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