A few words about us

John Marsh

Director, Owner and Co-founder,
eQ Technologies Pty Ltd

John is an experienced communications technician with over 25 years of industry experience. He possesses a strong knowledge base in communications, technical services, project management, industry and service specific products, and installation experience, which enables him to deliver the best possible solutions for his clients. John holds Communications certification, an ACMA Cable Registry License with TITAB and a QLD Security License. He is also a certified CBUS installer and holds certifications as an Inner Range Installer (Integriti Access Control).

John is passionate about technology and automation, and how it delivers value and enables people to maximise its value and benefits. Johns key motivation in all that he does is centred around the user experience and is his foundational commitment to every client. He believes that he builds value for his customers through honest, respectful and transparent consultation at every stage of the design and implementation process. But above all, John values and enjoys the relationships he builds with people.

On a personal note, John is a proud Rotarian with a solid sense of duty to community, public spirit and family.

Shannon Marsh

Owner and Co-founder,
eQ Technologies Pty Ltd

Shannon is an experienced business and systems analyst with over 13 years of experience working within IT projects, with a strong background in service management. She has a Post-graduate Certificate (PGCert) in Business and is currently in the final stages of completing her Master of Business Administration majoring in Digital Transformation at University. Shannon seeks to understand customer requirements, along with their needs and wants. Over the years, she has developed a strong focus on customer engagement and end user experience. She is passionate about delivering innovative ans sustainable solutions that optimises benefits for end users and facilitating enriched experiences with technology.

Shannon values positive relationships with people and productive feedback. She strives to build trust and genuine relationships with those that she works with, while engendering a sense of reliability and accountability. Shannon has the ability to conceptualise and contextualise an idea and deliver a solution to meet her clients needs.

In her personal life, Shannon enjoys quality time with her family and travelling, with a deep fondness of exploring her Australian backyard!

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