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Installation specialist for Aerials, TV Antennas, and Satellites. Foxtel service provisioning. Servicing South-East Queensland

eQ Technologies

eQ Technologies will provide advice on all your Television and Pay TV services. We provide approved Foxtel satellite services for quality digital reception. Contact us to arrange a consultation to discuss you smart TV, Pay TV or Satellite installation needs.

Satellite Installations and Foxtel Service Provisioning

Foxtel services will be transmitted through satellite services from 2023 and through home internet via iQ5 or iQ4 devices. eQ Technologies provides services for a fully functioning system, so that the commissioning of Foxtel services can take place. We provide services for commercial, multitenant buildings in readiness for Foxtel to be installed, and we also provide services for residential homes i.e. Satellite installations, providing the service to the plate. This is the demarcation point for our service provisioning. Foxtel installations are conducted separately, and it is important to note that eQ Technologies do not install Foxtel devices or commissioning of the Foxtel service itself.

Contact us for all your Smart TV, Pay TV (Foxtel) set-up services.

Whether you’re looking for Foxtel or satellite TV or television installation, eQ Technologies can assist with the setup and we can integrate it with your existing system, offering packages that comes with everything you need for a pleasurable viewing experience. Contact us today for a free quote! We service the Greater Brisbane area, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast regions.

We take the stress out of shopping for a new smart TV, and can supply and install them for you. Speak to us about what you need and we will provide advice about the best products and services available within the market.

eQ Technologies also provides services for Foxtel approved satellite installations in commercial and multi-tenanted buildings. Contact us to discuss your requirements and installation needs.

eQ Technologies are your digital reception experts, using the latest service equipment to test and deliver quality TV reception.

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Consultation to discuss TV purchase and/or TV set up
We gather all the equipment required and arrange an installation time around your schedule
We install your products whilst giving you the piece of mind that your home and belongings are treated with the upmost care
After installation, we take the time to show you how the equipment and products work
Enjoy the comfort and peace of mind of a professionally installed system
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