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We consult, supply, install equipment, and configure services for your smart home setup....


We want your smart home audio visual solution to be easy to navigate and use. In providing your smart home set up, we will work with the equipment you already have, and if required, we will provide advice if the equipment is redundant.


Closed Circuit TV, Alarm and Access Control Systems, and Intercoms can be incorporated into your home or business. Take your security to the next level, protecting you, your family, staff or customers, and your property.


At eQ Technologies, we will take your vision and use our expertise, to design and deliver an Integrated Automation Solution for your home or business. We deliver services in device management for a simplified and scalable solution.


Whether you require lighting solutions for security or workability, or even just to enhance poor lighting systems, we can provide advice and services for your Automated Lighting System. We are a certified CBUS installer.


Home and corporate Data, Networking and Wi-Fi needs with smart wiring

eQ Technologies will supply and install quality corporate, home Wi-Fi and networking solutions.


1What is Home Automation?
Home automation is the automatic control of devices in your home which are connected to your network. True home automation, better described as Integration, is when all devices are communicating with one another to achieve a seamless user experience by performing actions that are either seen or unseen. This creates an ecosystem of devices where events are managed and/or triggered by environmental or time-based factors. For example, a rain event occurs, your irrigation system can be configured so that it will not run for the day (or skip to the next scheduled time).

Imagine a delivery arrives but you are not home to accept the delivery. Remotely unlocking a parcel drop off area, which can be monitored from your device, enables you to receive the delivery to a location that can be secured for when you return home.

There are three types of automation – Entry, Professional and Premier Levels. See descriptions below for an outline of automation types. The opportunities to automate and integrate devices and services are plentiful, and we at eQ Technologies are committed to tailoring a customised solution to meet your needs. At eQ Technologies our customer focussed approach delivers quality, easy to use, and intuitive products for our clients.
2What is Premier Level?
Premier level home automation is a fully integrated home automation solution which incorporates one App or Interface for the entire solution. This level of automation is a custom solution which is designed and constructed around your lifestyle.

Examples of a premier application would be number plate recognition to unlock your garage with options for multi-factor authentication (e.g. biometric facial recognition), or voice recognition to unlock your home. Your security system can be adapted to recognise ‘duress’ words. When activated, the system can send a silent alarm to your monitoring service to notify emergency services. Other examples of a customisable solution is the use of geo-fencing services, so that when you are close to home, the system can be activated to start heating or cooling your home and turn on your driveway lights.

Contact us to discuss your customisable premier solution.
3What is Professional Level?
Professional level home automation systems are independent, professionally installed, and designed to meet a specific standard. These independent systems, through consultation, can be customised to your specific needs. These types of systems include (but are not limited to):
  • Home entertainment control systems
  • Music systems throughout your home (both inside and outside)
  • Internal and external security systems and services
  • IP technology door communication systems (enabling you to answer your door from your couch or anywhere in the world)
  • Lightning and entertainment scenes at a press a button
  • Timed scheduling for lighting, shades, and irrigation
  • Waking up to soft music, soft lighting, and natural light, all customisable – better than an alarm clock!
  • Management of systems available from your mobile devices
  • Alert notifications can also be activated for a ‘call to action’ for those specific systems.
  • Remote service and support, coupled with detailed instruction and after sales support and service
These types of systems require a robust network infrastructure and seamless WIFI around your entire property. Incorporating the latest technology, the application of these varied solution options deliver value and client satisfaction for home automation enthusiasts.
4What is Entry Level Automation?
Simple home automation (entry level DIY) incorporates individual apps for individual systems that can be managed through communication devices such as your mobile phone or tablet. Examples of simple home automation devices are products such as a Ring Doorbell, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Arlo Camera Systems to name a few. These types devices can manage; for example, music, security, and basic lighting (this requires additional add-on products to your entry home automation system). All of these devices can be purchased in most retail stores at an affordable price.

  • Reasonably priced products
  • Easy to install – DIY installation
  • Good option for renters
  • Generally, Wi Fi and battery operated
  • Readily available at retailers
  • Set up is relatively easy* and instructions are generally provided through the app.
* Operation requires stable internet and Wi Fi connection

  • The place of purchase may not provide technical support or after sales service
  • Technical support will need to be provided by the manufacturer’s call centre or online support service
  • Devices can cause drain on your Wi Fi network causing performance issues
  • Device use can be restricted if internet connection is poor
  • Batteries need to be replaced or recharged regularly (e.g. every 2 months depending extent of use)
  • Installation of external devices* (e.g. outdoor cameras) are designed to be easily accessible and removable for recharging of devices, however, this also makes them vulnerable and prone to theft and vandalism.
  • multiple devices requires multiple apps.
*Ensure you are aware of internet security vulnerabilities when installing entry level products.

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